Web Design & Development

  • Small company Websites presentations

These are basic websites for many small, home base businesses or small companies. It is a greate solution to presence our company online. Website presentations are mostly up to 15 pages with main purpouse to atract customers to your business or to your products.

  • Profesional personal Website presentation

These websites are your online portfolio. Mostly they are for people, who want to present yourself on job market or want to have their own website or their own blog solution to present their ideas.

  • Complete Website solutions

Profesional website based on CMS.

  • Existing Website redesign
  • Custom-tailored Websites

Open Source CMS Integration - Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal

My favourite Content Management System (CMS)  are Joomla / Drupal / Wordpress. These CMS can reduce your website content management headache. Wide ranges of successful companies rely on Joomla/Drupal development experience to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.

PHP Development Services

Website Development using PHP as a server side scripting language is a widely used these days. PHP Programming is best for Web application development and can easily be embedded into HTML. PHP web programming runs on many different platforms and can be used as a standalone executable or as a module under a variety of Web servers.

Custom PHP Development

I have Designed and Developed several websites for clients from different countries. My Website development service includes defining the site, developing the site structure, visual design and testing, production and documentation, testing for usability and functionality.

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